who is mcmahons?

mcmahons offers energy and utility industry experience and expertise on a contract basis. What is delivered is based on a background built from working for 10 years in the New Zealand energy and utility industry.

It is not about pedalling new business theories or practices but it is about applying practical know-how and actual knowledge from being there. This understanding enables mcmahons to ‘hit the ground running’ and services are therefore able to be performed economically and efficiently.

Executive Director, Shona McMahon, has senior management and board level experience in the energy and utility industry, allowing the offering of services where there is a need for a commercial and strategic background. Shona has been Strategy Manager at Genesis Energy and Metrowater (New Zealand) and prior to this she has management experience at Ernst Young. (Just get in touch if you would like to see a full employment CV).

This background can be applied to operational or strategic functions where a relevant external resource is required to add value, enhance or simply to provide additional capability / man hours.

The operating style of mcmahons you will like if you want a professional, quality and easy interaction. Because I understand your language and operating environment I’ll get it. I enjoy this industry so will enjoy working with you, the subject matter and people involved. Good, clear and honest communication is key to my customer relationships and engagements and I am good at it.

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