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You would get in touch to utilise mcmahons skills and services when; your organisation has a resource gap, a skill deficit, you need assistance to produce a deliverable or you want value to be added to a business requirement (monthly / quarterly or a discrete project). This is obviously in the context of mcmahons background and skills or where they can be applied. In more detail you would use mcmahons when:

  • an additional contract resource is required on a project or specific deliverable
  • enhancements or improvements are needed to be made to recurring or discrete business deliverables
  • upskilling is needed within relevant business requirements
  • mcmahons background and skills can be applied to a business deliverable or function

More specifically,mcmahons provides services across a range of areas:

  1. Business and strategic planning  
    • Five years experience developing and producing company strategic plans, business plans and statement of intents. Enabled through creating strategy sessions and eliciting strategic input whilst applying industry knowledge
  2. Corporate Affairs
    • A background which includes being part of the formation of a Corporate Affairs function for a large SOE. Responsibility was also taken for the CCMAU and Treasury relationship, dialogue and reporting. Also actively participated in shareholder dialogue and reporting
  3. Performance or regular reporting
    • Regular reporting to Shareholder, Board or, Management of the company on; project, operational and financial results – monthly, quarterly and annually. Includes Board paper preparation and providing a ‘Management review / critique’ of reports or documents
  4. Communicating strategy
    • Experience preparing and creating strategic company communications for Members and Ministers of Parliament. Includes communicating strategy and plans internally
  5. Tutoring / Upskilling staff in business reporting
    • Experience assisting a variety of business areas and staff to extract and report the right information in the right way - for Board, senior management or middle management level audiences

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If you aren’t from the energy and utility industry and like the look of what I’m doing of course
get in touch – my skills are transferable.

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