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To give you a better idea of why to use mcmahons here is a sample of recent jobs I’ve completed:

Mighty River Power is an integrated energy generation, trading, retailing and metering business that prefers renewable energy; assets include hydro, wind, geothermal, co-generation, bioenergy and wind development. They sell electricity and gas to more than 350,000 customers through the retail business (Mercury Energy) and their metering business (Metrix) provides meters and meter-reading services to residential and commercial customers and to other electricity retailers. Revenue is $1.15 billion with assets of around $4 billion.

  • 2009/10 Business Planning for the Generation business. This engagement was to elicit the strategy for the Generation business, and develop a standalone business unit plan (the first standalone plan for the Generation business unit following an internal reorganisation). The engagement included creating strategic goals from management team discussions and working with the General Manager Generation. I was responsible for distilling the goals for the 5 year period down to an initiative level and facilitating the formation of relevant KPIs. Other sections of the business unit plan included financial forecasts, future aspirations of the Generation business and framing their role within the company.
  • Project reporting revamp. The Generation development team were managing a large number of generation development projects, all in different phases. The General Manager Generation Development was spending a disproportionate amount of time on project review and re-work prior to Executive and Board release. I was bought on board to upskill Project Managers responsible for reporting, and to enhance various internal reports in terms of content, style and format. The upskilling and formats put in place have been successful and I am now used to provide strategic input through a monthly review / critique process.

Metrowater is Auckland City’s water and wastewater utility that has operated as a standalone business since 1 July 1997. Metrowater provides water and wastewater services to over 142,000 homes and businesses, reaching 420,000 people across Auckland City. About 45 million cubic meters of Aa grade water is supplied annually to homes and businesses via about $1.1 billion worth of assets collecting around $158 million revenue.

  • Year end operational performance report. As Metrowater is in transition phase into a new regional water company (as part of a local government restructure) the pending change has started to bring about staff turnover. I was engaged to assist with the reporting of the 2008/09 operational performance and other major feeds into the Annual Report – particularly in regard to performance and in review of the year. The process included eliciting and analysing performance results by working with key managers and applying industry experience to produce the relevant text for the Annual Report.



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